Friday, June 27, 2008

An unseen audience

I have a rather strange work day. If it isn't strange, it should be. Perhaps thousands of people live just as I do. I wouldn't know, because I live in a little bubble with my computer. I speak to people once or twice each day. I am on many conference calls that are scheduled. I rarely see anyone that I work with.

I have been doing this for several years and have survived. Some people, I am told, are more social and go mad from the isolation. I occasionally e-mail a friend and ask him/her to have "coffee" with me. This means we stop working and pretend to stand around the water cooler. I could be cute and say, cypber cooler or some such silly thing. But, in fact, it is rather pleasant. I keep a big comfortable chair in my office /extra bedroom. I have a headset and I walk away from "the machine" and sit in my green chair and chat. That is pleasant.

One odd thing that I've done is to add my picture to my e-mail. Virtually nobody I know does this. I encourage others to do it, but they are not interested. I think there is some sort of universal self image loathing thing. I guess, I don't suffer from that. I have other wildernesses.


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