Saturday, February 14, 2009


I’ve been on a campaign to stop whining about the fact that I am nearly 66 and can’t see how to retire. I’ve tried:

“You know, the entire concept of retirement needs to be reconsidered. Nobody will really retire we’ll just…”

“Retiring is not really all that good for you. I hear all the time that people who totally stop working become bored if not ill, so…”

“You can retire, but you need to re-frame your expectations and consider the benefits of a good cat food…”

But none of these really worked very well. However I now have a plan to continue working and stop whining. (a.k.a. Trips to the whine store as my daughter explains). I have decided to re-wind and become 61 years old again. It is simple, I just decided to be 61 and now I tell people things like, “I’m only 61.” Or “Now that I’m 61 again, I figure I’ll do this.” It is a very good plan. People laugh and they generally think it is an excellent idea.

I recommend this to all my former age-mates who have lost a good chunk of their retirement savings. Just trim off 5 years and keep at it.


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