Monday, April 12, 2010


I am at a small village inn in China with my grandchildren, Nathan and Emily. We are having dinner while mom and dad go into town for an evening alone. Papa (me) is having wonderful ginger tea while the kids finish up their ice cream.

We walk a very short distance back to our room. The narrow path is muddy, but we all have boots. I am surprised that when walking down a street where the homes have little or no electricity, the street is dark. It is completely black.

As we walk, I hold Nathan’s hand and Emily’s hand. I absolutely cannot see anything. I see nothing at all. Emily says “We could walk into a wall.” I am thinking exactly the same thing, but say: “Don’t worry, our eyes will adjust.” I walk carefully trying to stay in the middle of the path. Our eyes do not adjust since there is truly no light. After a few moments of walking blindly, we do come to a small lamp and then return to a lighted path.

I think this happens quite often .


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