Saturday, August 2, 2014

Return to blogging

I've always loved Charla Bregante's writing. Only recently while exploring the virtues of Google+, I was so pleased to see that she had a blog. Drifting through her past posts, I found a moment when she had decided to restart her writing after a dry spell. I have my own dry spell story. I began writing some years ago after the death of my wife, Sarah. I used the writing somewhat as a semi-public diary. A few friends followed it, but I was very, very sporadic. I have been of the inspiration-required school of writing. Indeed, as I look back over some posts (e.g. Lab Partners), I'm pleased with what I wrote. A few years ago, I began to get emails from a person who asked if I would allow her to re-post some of my writing on her web site. It was clearly oriented for persons who were older. I said ok, and she immediately began to "accept" my pieces. Her audience of readers were very kind and encouraging. I liked that part. I sent in a few more pieces. But, as I have read, bloggers also get criticism that can fall in a wide range from helpful to nasty. Two things happened that stopped my writing, for a period. First, I got a solicitation for some writing seminars from the same web site that had been eagerly "publishing" my blog entries. In the corner of my mind, I had thought this might be an enterprise (not a scam, just a business), but I ignored that thought and enjoyed a bit of flattery. Next, one well intentioned commenter on my blog noted (correctly) that I wrote rather dark pieces. That was certainly true but her truth was like a slap to my self concept. Had I become a dark, grief obsessed person? I didn't think so, but here was one woman telling me that she hoped some day I could write things less dark. I believe she used that phrase: "less dark." So fragile ego that I apparently had, for quite a long time, I just stopped blogging. Charla's determination to write on a regular basis might motivate me. I wisely know this may be the last thing I post for a year, but I would like to return to this strange world of blogging
. I will try.


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